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Warning!! The images on this page are extremely Horrific and disturbing, But it must be seen in order for the world to get the real thuth, to show everyone, how Israel was targeting and massacuring innocent women and children. By, "Commiting Genicide", against the Palestinian people. Which is War Crimes!

You decide, War Crimes being commited or Is Israel Innocent?

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Chemical Agents in Gaza

Posted by roosternest on January 10, 2009 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Gaza invasion Photo: January 2,2009

Ladies and gentlemen Let me please introduce you all to the new 21st century weapon that the United States Government created out of their Los Alamos Labratories, that is right now being used at this very moment in Gaza. Its name is "White Phosphorus". Above photo shows a cloud that blows up above the buildings and rains the nerve agent down on the people as you see in this photo. Here is a government link discribing exactly what White Phosphorus does.Click here...... ( http/www.atsdr.cdc.gov/tfacts103.html ;) And this is what it looks like after being used on Palestinian People and their children.....


Photo taken: January 4, 2009 (Palestine)

This is a International Law being broken in front of all of our eyes. On the World and National Television. The Geneva Agreement  forbids any country that is in a military or none military act from using WMD's (Weapons Of Mass Destruction) against civilian population or against enemy troops from any country. According to the International Laws, it is consider a War Crime of the Highest level. Here we see clearly that Israel has violated International Laws by using Wmd's known as "White Phosphorus". Which if brought before a International Court Israel can be charged with War Crimes  This must never go unpunished before any court. We must not allow Israel to be above the Laws or any country

War on Gaza

Posted by roosternest on January 9, 2009 at 12:54 AM Comments comments (2)


This Attack on Gaza Decemeber 27, 2008, was a delibrate act of
 Israel, as a way to completely elliminate the Palestinian from Exsistance.
The Israeli's violated 8 International Law's. Ranging from Genocide, to 
refusing humanitarian aid of getting in to the wounded and the dead to
get the help for them. Why is Israel getting away with this heanous Crime against Palestinians
I tell you why because, the whole worlds opinion of truth is based on the Media propaganda. The people believe 
everything they are taught from a tv. Because the media has the power to sale the illusion to anyone that never looks out of that box!