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War on Gaza

Posted by roosternest on January 9, 2009 at 12:54 AM


This Attack on Gaza Decemeber 27, 2008, was a delibrate act of
 Israel, as a way to completely elliminate the Palestinian from Exsistance.
The Israeli's violated 8 International Law's. Ranging from Genocide, to 
refusing humanitarian aid of getting in to the wounded and the dead to
get the help for them. Why is Israel getting away with this heanous Crime against Palestinians
I tell you why because, the whole worlds opinion of truth is based on the Media propaganda. The people believe 
everything they are taught from a tv. Because the media has the power to sale the illusion to anyone that never looks out of that box! 

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Reply havf8
3:13 PM on January 11, 2009 
This is a great Genocide on the Palestinian civillians. The holocost lasted 3 years in 1942-1945. The Palestinian Holocost is from 1948-? 62 years later and not alot of out rage what these Zionist Jews are doing. Wake from your slumber and see what your tax paying dollars are supporting.......Genocide!!!!!!!
Reply Infotech
3:24 PM on February 7, 2009 
The palestinians don't deserve how they are treated.Imagine having water,food and medical supplies cut off and not being able to venture outside.What kind of life is that to really have no home.Its all because that some don't like peace they would rather kill and exploit them.Israel you will not remain unpunished but with the measure you give, it will be returned to you.Its not that I hate either side but
things dont change unless we all unite to bring hope and peace to the oppressed and disadvantaged.
would gladly take yours and my place to get away from the unjust ruthlessness acts that Israel has done.