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Welcome to the 911 Pathway to Armageddon

Warning: To all those who view this site beyond this page must enter at own risk! This Site has extreme graphic images and information that might not be suitable for children under the age of 18 years of age!! So, Parental Guidance is advised beyond this point!!

 To everyone that views this site will be getting an eyeful when it comes to the most "evil and diabolical" system in the whole world.  Where the people that you put into power over your lives to lead your country into a prosperous direction, turns out to be the most evil and most corrupted people on the planet.  I will begin this introductory by, first opening your eyes and minds as to how and why our government and the governments from around the world lead our nations into a global warfare against the Middle Eastern Countries.  This was all planned by Israel who had become the first nation to point a false claim against the Middle Eastern people.  This was all designed intentionally so, that the US would have justification to make war against a

"Fake Terror Network" This Terror Campaign was a created from a scratch sheet of paper drawn up from an imaginary view in order to create the Fear Factor that these "So Called Terrorist" might be living among us all here in our on land so, that it would make it easier to start labeling all Americans one by one as being a terrorist or who is associated with a terrorist network!

Note:  Keep in Mind, That all protest organizations that rally together are all considered to be a Terror Network and who are affiliated with outside terror networks influences.

Remember; how the Terror story started with Al Qaeda?  Now you can hear how the government and the Media are using the term: "Homegrown Terrorist" This was created so they could now start separating targeting all Americans under the "Homegrown Terrorism Act". 

Now, you can now see all the reasons as to why the attacks that took place on the Day of September 11, 2001 at The World trade Center was designed for! It was designed to make war against all Nations including their own people that stood as a threat against their agenda's and was to make war against those who would protect their freedoms.

By seeing this strategic pattern being played out before us all has made me take a deeper review of the final report from the 911 Commissions Report book, and after reviewing with a stronger open mind, I had determined that the official report was in fact a fraudulent report that was deliberately created not only to obstruct the truth away from the American people but, to also, obstruct any kind formal or proper investigation as way of obstructing justice to keep anyone from finding out the real truth as to really who really designed and masterminded the events and carried out the attacks? As I have dug deeper down the rabbit hole, I discovered  later everything that was surround the subject of 9/11 was all  based on nothing but, lies! one right after the other!

As, I continued my research, I discovered that 9/11 was carried out as a political manipulations and intimidation against all Congressional members of the House and against Congress, and it had extremely strong Political influences to get the laws in place so, that when they got ready to do the attacks the laws would be immediately passed and forced and and if anyone would reject this move would be Politically assassinated and or simply killed this was a threat against any political members and also, it was against any outsiders off the grid, they could face harsh penalties thrown into jail or even assassinated as for knowing to much or for getting to close they also could be assassinated for exposing their crimes! Anyone that was not being a team player and was not on board with this very evil plots your lives will be at stake!.  

Which, of coarse as you know, these actions that were carried out by the United States has now created an irreversible effect will forever never be rebuilt. The hell will only continue to go further and further down the hill until  someone lets that "Fat lady sings", (Meaning,  the A- Bomb is dropped)!

First, I want to say this to all Americans and anyone that views the contents on this site. In order for you all to see what I see, you all must first have a clear and full understanding in your hearts and minds and then you must come to the terms to accept in your hearts and minds that your government does not work for the people or by the people. 

Secondly, you all must come to a full understanding in your minds and souls that the system was designed to function only in one direction and that was in the direction of what is called a "Self-Destructible Mode," by design.  All of you, who is reading this information must come to terms and accept in your hearts that all of this is clearly happening right before our eyes.

This is the only way that any of you will be able see the information shared here in fact was a great conspiracy and not a theory.  You all need to learn how to use your Penal Gland which is your 3rd eye in order to visualize and see the entire Military and Political Strategic Patterns that are forming and that are falling directly into place.  These facts that I'm pointing out to you all are the only ways that any of you can come to grips to realize that all of these events from 9/11 to the current events happening now are no longer a theory but, an actual high level conspiracy, that involves many groups, organizations, and corporations.

Now, remember, in order to catch the conspiracies you must first learn how to use your Penal Gland in order to see and hear the strategic patterns as they occur and before they occur because they leave many crumbs and tidbits of information you just got to learn to be quick in order to catch it.  and the only way you can see them before they occur is, you must be well studied and learn how to strongly use the 3rd eye approach when necessary Then you must obtain and gather as much information as you can and develop strong and full knowledge on their movements and of their actions.

Now that you all have come to this point of the page, you all should now have a clear conscience in order to move forward to the next learning phase.

Everything that there is to know about your government is very crucial information that must be learned and adapted into your minds so, that you can clearly see the agenda's then you will be able to answer these questions with full knowledge.


1. Why was the Government formed?

2. What where the main principles that they were building upon?

3. What was their final end game as to the creation of the establishment?

4. Was there an End Game to their plans in site? 

The answer to these questions above has already been answered in the questions that I typed above.  Now, from this point lets all pretend as an example that these are your questions as you read the explanations below so, that you can see the full meaning behind what I'm explaining to you all.

Let me explain:

1. For you to even ask this 1st. question:  Is because, you had to have already developed a suspicion in your heart, that the government was being established in order to form Law and Order to oppress and control the public in general.  That is why the question was asked (Do you see how you answered your own question?)

2. For you to ask this 2nd question: Is because, you felt that the principles the Establishment were built upon was based around on what you where personally feeling, which was, you were feeling oppressed and no longer feeling like a free man so, you asked the question not realizing you are already answering your own question! (Do you see how you answered your own question?)

3. For you to even ask this 3rd question; Is because, you again where still feeling oppressed to the point to where you started loosing patience and then you started developing anger and frustrations from your oppressed state of mind, because you started to realize that you could never seem to get ahead in life, because the establishment was getting richer and denying you of your God given right to survive.  So, you where still in a oppressed state of mind so, therefore you did not feel or see an end game of the establishments oppression.  You answered your own question through what you felt! (Do you see how you answered your own question?) for

4. For you to even ask this 4th question: Is because, you started to realize that your not alone and many others where sharing the same feeling of being oppressed.  You started realizing that the whole world was in the same boat as you were, because you have seen it televised all over the TV networks worldwide!  You started witnessing as to how angry the world has become! You also seen who the world was blaming and why they directed there anger at the Governments Establishment world wide!  You started feeling that the world is going to end soon because, you realized that it could not continue at this same pace and same cycle much longer. Finally you answered your final question. (Do you see how you answered your own question?)

From the examples above that I showed you all, was the most crucial and the most important knowledge that you could have ever learned in this world.  Reasons why I say this is, because I have taught you all on how to use your inner feelings and emotions in order to develop the skills on how to ask the right questions, because all of the answer that you all are wanting to know to any crime are all in your inner feelings and emotions. By, having this knowledge has helped you all in solving any suspicions that you might ever have!  This Information that I have shared with you all is the same Techniques that the Highest level of our criminal investigators use when they are solving any case or when they are searching for the evidence in order to put the suspect or suspects in jail. This also has taught you all on how to hum in on your abilities in using your Penal Gland in order to form Visualization capabilities as a way to simplify your searches.

Do you all see now how it works? Good! Let me continue!

A very evil and a very powerful organization lurks in the shadows of your government, media, churches, and in the entertainment establishments.  This is where I will try to do my best in opening your minds and input as much information as I can into your heads because, time is running out before we all become slaves to these want to be masters.  This is my way of helping you all to see the strategic patterns before they happen and as they happen.

So, let us begin shall we?  First of all, you must all Understand the System and how the system is designed to function.  There are two fronts of government that has formed what is called:  "A Grid lock System", 

This is how your government is designed to function.  The first thing you must all know is the power structure of this system and the order in which it falls in.  I will start with the most powerful in your government and down the line so, you will get an Idea on how all governments from around the world fall into in the power structure: 

1.  Kabbalah: (The God Head), also Known as (Zionist)

2.  Jesuits: (The Head over Religion and Political Order)

3.  Freemasons: (Political Order and War Mongers and False peace promoters)

4.  Skull n Bones:  (Political Order and War Mongers and False peace promoters)

5.  Illuminati: (Political and Civilian Assassins Under the orders of Jesuits and Kabbalah)

Note: All of these groups that I mentioned above all have mastered the art of Mind Control (MK Ultra) and they all use this special art extremely frequent on or with everything or anyone they come into contact with.

Also, keep in mind that these groups are Known as the "Secret Society" that are powerful structured around the most wealthy members and elites that are all political tied in some form or fashion. 

The Majority of the members of the secret elite have sworn secret oaths unto a Demonic Deity and are mostly holding down high level Government positions in all departments through out the government, Universities. High schools, Elementary Schools, Recreation Parks, and Libraries, Mostly in any field were information can be leaked or shared or where there is electronic data information stored or distributed, such as computer companies, phone companies, mobile phone companies, cable companies,  electric companies, gas companies, and in all religious sectors around the world.  You all get the point!

In other words ,all members in all high level branches of government and in all institutions and corporations and religious Organization are mostly members of the secret society of some sort.  That is why, I said that government was made up of two forms of government because, the members play a roll as a front but, work for their masters that they are members of behind the scenes! They put up a front that they are regular citizen who care about the people and the policies of these country!  But, they took sworn secret oaths onto their Masters.

The two forms of Government is: The National Sworn Oath and The Sworn Oath to a Secret Order

Important Note:  When members of a secret order that is working under false pretenses in a free Constitutional Government Society and is in control of their resources and who has made sworn allegiance to another order (Deities) and that uses that Constitutional Government platform as a way to launch a global demonic purpose is the most extreme and highest level of treason that the world has ever witnessed and should be punishable by death!  These are all clear and open violations of the Constitutional Laws of United States!

Now, that I have shown you in the info above that is Highlighted in green you must remember that The "Secret Society" is made up of four groups known as the:  Jesuits, Illuminati, Free Masonry, and the Skull -n- Bones, and the God head Known as the Kabbalah!  These four groups are also, biblically found in the book of Revelations, Known as the four horseman's of the apocalypse.  They Only take orders from The God Head which is Kabbalah. 

Now, This part of what I'm going to say next is an extremely Very Very Important Fact!  This is not to offend anyone, but to educate you all on how that the Bible is all apart and connected to this secret order! 

Do you all remember in the Bible, in the book of Rev 7:1  And after these things I saw four angels (is referring to Jesuits, Illuminati, Freemasons, and Skull n Bones) standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. Rev 9: 14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels (is referring to: Jesuits Illuminati, Freemasons, and Skull n Bones) which are (bound in the great river Euphrates.) (This was also referring to the Jesuits Illuminati, Freemasons, and Skull n Bones Identifying them as the secret members controlling the  government and who was bound to war in Iraq, How do we know we are still referring to the same order is, because that is where the river of Euphrates is located! It is located in Iraq

This was (God) (This God is referred to as the God head of Kabbalah) that gave the Commandment that you read about in the above statement!  Now, remember: I said the four angels where the four Horseman's Of the Apocalypse (Jesuits Illuminati, Freemasons, and Skull n Bones) that where ordered and commanded by God to carry out such destruction against all men who did not bow down to the secret powers of the deity! Now, I have just proven to you all that this God was not the Creator of man kind who gave this order, But that it was a Man who has assumed the Name God!

These apocalyptic groups have also created many tentacles or (legs) and many other organizations in order to form, what I like to refer to as, "Setting up a Global Domination".

These 'Organizations,' are made up of many groups, starting with: 

 The Catholic Church who was ordered by the Jesuits, to set up all the religions in the world to bring everyone into an indoctrinated state of mind-control to where they would be forced to worship a man who happens to be the most Highest ranking member of Kabbalah who has proclaimed himself to be a Man God!

The Catholic Church started with their brain washing attacks by first, redirecting our knowledge or thoughts that we thought we had about our true Creator, then they would redirect us all into this new man made version of a God.  Now in order for this to have worked was, they had to make this God appear as a very wrathful God,  if the people did not believe in him. Then a loving God if the followers gave power unto him and worshiped him!

This meant that they had to write this into stone, in other words they had to write their masterful plans into a book in order to give it strength then they had to make their writings appear as believable as much as possible and then they had to make it appear as natural as possible in order to give it life.  So, they designed the "Holly Bible" which this was later revealed as the book of truth. 

And did you know that this book had also became the most feared book to have ever been written in the world to read or to even  study?  You want to know why?  It was because, it displayed all of the exact strategic plans and events that we all have seen and are going to see in our future which is what the secret societies wanted us all to see.  It is also, the most feared book because, the Bible was written by the "Secret Societies."

The Secret Societies intentions was to lure their subjects or (Followers) into the a realm of illusions By making their followers believe, that there will be a savior that will come to save them from the hell on earth just as long as they believed and fell to their knees and give worship unto in this man made deity who refers to himself as: God (Kabbalah).  And once you all glorify him that is a false God he will then order your Deaths!  Keep this Information deep in your head and don't forget what you all have been warned about!

Moving on! Now, The "Secret Societies also wrote" the:  Holy Qur'an, Talmud, NIV, and etc.  This was all done so, that it would give their followers a false sense of conformation that they were being told the truth about there Creator.  This was also, done in this fashion in order for the 'Secret Societies' to achieve ultimate power over the lives of their Followers and it was also, done in this fashion in order to shape and design the globe into a "One World Order", One World Religion, and One World Currency" This has become also known as the "New World Order". 

The Jesuits, then formed a Secret Policing Systems throughout the whole world known as, (example:) NSA, CIA, MJTF, FINCEN, KGB, ISIS, MI5, MI6, and etc. they also set up the Justice System and Law Enforcement around the world and into every country.  Then they set out to control every government, by making the world believe in the illusions that they all had a democracy also known as a Constitution and bill of Rights.

Then the Jesuits Created "The Freemason", which publicly they would be associated with "The Federalist party" but, make no mistake about it The Freemasons were also members of the "Democratic-Republican Party".  These two parties is what shaped what is known as  The DNC and The GOP parties in today's modern age.  Then in Europe they would be called the Green Party or Red Party and finally in Asia and the Soviet Union they would only be known as the Red Party, because they non democratic views that is why they were referred to as Communist.  Now keep in mind, The Freemason then created another tentacle called: "The Skull n Bones".

Remember:  Freemason, were Political minded and war mongers while giving the false peace cries, and the same with Skull n Bones they are also Political and war mongers and cry false peace  mongers but, The Freemasons where also the assassins against anyone who would get to close to there order to expose them but, they had to create another tentacle called: "The Illuminati". Now, The Freemason and The Skull n Bones decided to focus on Political dominance but, they had to have protection and this is where the Illuminati came into an effect.  The Illuminati are the assassins for the GOP'S and the DNC. 

Now, Note:  All 4 groups are all capable of assassinating anyone who gets too close to their position, but most assassins are done by the Illuminati and the Jesuits. They would make their followers believe that they were for peace, when in truth, they would stage wars behind the curtain. By creating the Illusion of terrorism so, that it would give the "Secret Societies" the edge, that was needed in order to bring a military law into your cities This was also, known as "Martial Law".  By, staging chaos out of order and creating riots out of that chaos, such as causing the economy to collapse.  So, that it would bring job losses and famine around the world so, the world would become to weak to fight back or to resist against the order. 

Now, you all must understand this very crucial point here!

In order for the Secret Societies to pull all of these horrific tasks off, is they had to make lots of money Right?  Well, they did have that as well, because they formed what is known today as a  "Monetary System, Global Banking Systems and Large Corporations", to make their followers believe they had a Honest System.  Then in order to get their followers to follow their lead they had to use "Mind-Control Methods", such as convincing their followers that they could have everything they ever wanted a big house lots of money, including powers of the world if they would perform these certain duties for their agendas.

The "Secret Elite", then formed the "Media", to be their "Propaganda Machine", by staging false news and frivolous shows or programs to create distractions so, that you would never know or see what the secret elite were doing behind the scenes.  They also, created Hollywood Entertainment System in order to entertain us all while they completed their jobs, by bringing us all to our knees.  The "Global Elite", that now controls everything, is now putting all their plans into action to form their "NWO".  So, now in this agenda, the ("Secret Societies") have now designed a way to bring separation, division, and enslavement to anyone who resisted the "Secret Elites" orders.

In this Website you're not only going to have your eyes opened to the truth, but you are all going to become educated as what the real truth is about when it comes to the most "Horrific, and Diabolical System" that was world has ever witnessed.  Your also, going to learn about their global plans to annihilate all population.  You're not only going to see who these Global Elites are, but you're also, going to see the hardest documents, that could ever be found to prove that everything that you have read about on this site is absolutely the fact and not from a 'Conspiracy Theorist' point of view.

The information that you are all about to see is straight from your government's big mouths and their documents. You will see videos from main stream media working very hard at covering up the truth for the elite and protecting the elite from their crimes against all humanity on this planet.  You will also, see why they have gotten away with all of their crimes and how Congress members and Senators, has sold us all out and down the river.  We are all about to see foreign troops patrolling our streets across this great nation of ours.  They have all been training together with our troops on how to divide our nation. They are getting ready to separate us all and put us all into Concentration Camps that resist or stands up against the Elite! and the will also, put us on the front lines to fight their global wars that they have planned for us and for the world.

I welcome all of you and invite you all into viewing all of the contents and information that are posted on this entire website, and also, invite you all to take a chance on looking at all of the evidence with an open mind so, that we can finally put an end to all of this madness that these people have created and a end to all of the lies and corruptions from those who were truly behind the Mass Genocide and attacks on our civilization! 

These people are the most evil and corrupted minds that you all will ever find in this life time. Thank you all for taking a second look at what happened on 9/11.


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