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Hello, Yep thats me, ol' Rooster. 

I am 41 years old grew up part of my life in Texas, but some years of my life in Austria, and I love riding Bikes, I have a beautiful  2 boys of my own I love them very dearly. It is because of my family and the love that I have for them that gave me strong motivation to provide a safe and prosperous future for them and that is why I have spent all of my efforts in making sure that they where safe from all harm including the harm that would come out of the most unexpected place on earth which is your government, because no one would suspect them of being dangerous. but on the contrary.....

I have spent my life life time in searching for my place on this planet and finally I realized what it was that I was most interested in, and that was Government corruptions and conspiracies. It was a passion that struck a cord in me to find as much information as I could about our Government even if the truth hurt me or not as to what rolls they played in the 911 events and much more.  I also, spent my whole life looking into religious orders, religions faith, and what our governments roll was in all of this.  I started researching government for 21 years and studying law and investigating secret entities in most governments, but it was the secrets that the governments acted upon. The "Elite" always used a different level of communication.  We the people communicate with language and they communicate with numbers.

It was September 11, 2001 that shook the whole world and changed the world to an irreversible hell, that took most of my time into finding out who created it, who staged this event , because I knew it was the government, but who all was involved by names that planned and benefited off the attacks. It was from this vicious attacks that killed over 3,000 People, that had made me extremely angry, shocked, afraid, and emotionally hurt. I put my self into a mind set and promised in blood to myself and my fellow brothers and sisters of this great planet, that I would never stop searching till I was able to find all the names that where all involved in this massive attacks. As well as Finding out what was the main reasons why it happened. What was the soul purpose that 3,000 people had to give up

their lives in the most disgraceful ways. These people where not involved in the political shaping of the governments. They where like most Americans just going to work and trying to provide for their families. That's when I found out, That not only did George W. bush play apart of it, he actually allowed it to happen, alone with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Collin Powell, Condelezza Rice, Tony Blair of the UK (United Kingdom), and several other different groups that most of you viewers are not aware of, Those groups are known as: Skull-n-Bones, Free masons, Illuminati, and the

master mind of all of the groups, are the Jesuits. The CIA, FBI, ATF, NSA, DEA, NORAD NORTH COMMAND unit and all local law enforcement in New York, and much much more, all played a major roll in the attacks that killed over 3,000 people so that they could take the freedoms away from the people of UNITED STATES. It was Exactly two weeks after the attacks on the WTC, that I received conformation, that freedoms was the agenda, because George W. Bush stood on ground zero with his arms wrapped around those brave firemen as the whole world was watching, when George W. Bush announced to the American people saying "My Fellow Americans your "Freedoms" have

come under an attack by an enemy who was against your democracies". Now, I"m a person who believes that when a crime has been committed there must be a motive behind the crime... well when you put freedom next to a crime that has been committed that means freedom was the motive that caused the death of all those people, because Freedom is one thing all on its own and the attack is another case all on its own, but when you put the two of them together shows that freedom was the motive clearly. Now we have to search for the freedoms that he was planning to take away from us all. If all of you viewers of this website go to the tab thats says: The True Enemy.

Then you all will see all the laws that where passed after 9/11 happened. Then that enemy who took your freedoms that was claimed by George W. Bush in his Famous Ground Zero Speech, were he stood next to all of those brave men and women of the fire dept Then the enemy will appear out of all that smoke and rubble and darkness, because you will all find out that the real enemy was, George W. Bush! It was George Bush's signatures on all those bills that passed. And the enemy that we all was first led to believe, was George W. Bush all alone, that was the enemy that took your freedoms. So therefore it literally puts George W. Bush directly at the scene of the crime as well as being directly involved. But he wasn't the master mind. It was the

Jesuits and the Skull -n Bones, Freemasons, Illuminati, but most of all the Jesuits was the ultimate master minds to form what they call the NWO (New World Order).  I have obtained Thousands of Documents of these Secret Societies and Corrupted Government. It was because of my desire to Know the real truth, is the reasons why I was able to obtain these documents.  When we all seen the bombing of Oklahoma federal Building, and WTC bombings the first time and the attacks of USS COLE as well as all the embassies around the world,  I knew it was all connected to the involvements of our own government because they claimed every attack on Radical Jihadist Groups tied to Al Qaeda,  and all the  

attacks where all blamed on (BIN LADEN). So I knew the Government was lying, because I thought, Bin Laden couldn't be blamed for every damn attack. That's when I realized that the government was crying wolf when the wolves was them.  When I found all these documents proving that our government did all this, that is when I decided to come completely out of my comfort zones

I Have a family, 2 hansom boys and 4 adopted kids that I think of as my own. I have a great career as a engineer,  working 15 years in the oilfield and building homes when I was younger. I knew after all those attacks that had happened over the years, was a sign meaning, that we where in great danger and that hell was fixing to bust wide open. So I spent 21 years researching government. So I could obtain as much information and evidence as I could because it was in my desire to bring these people down. To bring them to justice for their crimes against humanity as well as showing the public the truth of what really happened. No man, woman or child had to die under this kind of yoke.

I believe all people is free! this website is dedicated to all who have a desire to search the truth and to get involved in the quest of life and to bring these people that brought this hell to us all , to justice. I hope you all enjoyed taking this journey with me into exposing the absolute corruption of the global Elite. enjoy the education that you all will receive from this site.

Thank You to all that supported the cause

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