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Khaled's Story From Gaza

This is my friend Khaled and this is his Story from his on mouth. He is in Gaza right now. As you all know, Gaza has came under attack sense December 25, 2008. Everything that he writes to me will be posted here. This is a dedication to him and his family. Khaled and his wife is expecting twins and she is locked in their house with no way to get to a doctor. She hasn't seen a doctor for over a month and she is expecting May 2009.

This page is for you My brother. I will be proud to be your voice on the outside!  This is a E-mail to me from my brother in Gazamh_5q5xaecY

Salaam Dear Rooster,

Sorry for being in a hurry and write these few words for you. I don't have enough time,just 3 hours a day of electricity, as you know. So.. let me say it quick. We are OK til now Alhamdulillah (Thank God). The telecommunications are so bad, seldom to catch a line. They did that to stop the reporters work all over the world. Now.. in local radio stations and all other international media they face many difficulties to contact their reporters inside of Gaza.

Please forward my salam to all of your family members and room contacts. Hope we'll contact soon.  I've added you to my contact list on MSN.


! كان هناك ! (Khaled) says: Most of the time no net. 

Rooster says: I know. Are you in the east part of Gaza? Erona is here.

! كان هناك ! (Khaled) says: I'm writing an article about the White fosfor (White Phosphorus) being used here in Gaza. To publish for my contacts and print it out for people around

! كان هناك ! (Khaled) says: Yea

Rooster says: Where exactly are you at in Gaza?

! كان هناك ! (Khaled) says: Khan younis  ! كان هناك ! (Khaled) says: hi dear Erona we are fine thanks thank you for your asking really I appreciate your support and concerns. We are fine .. still breathing at lest

Eroma says: Omg! I hope you and your Family are okay. My God! I'm so sorry that you and your family are having to go through this hell in Gaza. I Miss you terrible, I'm so glad to hear your from you again. I was so worried about you We are trying everything to get amnesty to get you out of Gaza We are going to contact them. Just keep your hopes up everything is going to be ok. just believe me

! كان هناك ! (Khaled) says: Really? When?  Eroma says: Yes  ! كان هناك ! (Khaled) says: Hopes so.

                              وأنت جالس ومرتاح في منزلك وأنت تأكل من أنواع الطعام والشراب وأنت في سريرك الدافئ في الشتاء البارد وأنت تضحك وتلعب مع أمك وأخوانك وأبنائكتذكرهذه الأم الفلسطينية وهي تلفظ أنفاسها الأخيرة ويدها ممسكة برأس ابنها تحاول أن تتحسس رأس ابنها حتى آخر رمق فيها وفي النهاااية تسقط اليد وتخرج الروح إلى ربها

 Translation...You sitting and comfortable in house your and you eats from kinds of the food and the beverage and you in your warm bed in the winter cold and you laughs and your mother plays with[w'axwaank] and your sons mentions this mother Palestinian weak her son pronounces her last breaths and her hand handhold in head tries that [ttHss] her head of son corroded other of spark of life in her adequate [aalnhaaaaaayt] the hand and graduation of the soul falls to suggest doubt her.

 رحمها الله
واسكنها فسيح جناته 
أهناك مايُبكي أكثر من هذا المنظر ؟ لا والله !
 اللهم انصر إخواننا المستضعفين في غزة ، اللهم إنك أنت الناصر المعين في وقتٍ لاناصر فيه ولامعين ، اللهم انصرهم وأعنهم  
اللهم ارحم ميتهم ، واشفِ مريضهم ، وصبّرهم ، ورد كيد عدوهم في نفسه .. يامجيب دعاء الداعين .  
اللهم عليك بالصهاينة المعتدين ، فإنهم لايعجزونك
والله من لم تدمع عينه ويرق قلبه ويحرك لسانه بالدعاء لهذا المنظر فان قلبه ميت واحساسه متبلد فليراجع نفسه
يا من قرأت هذه الرسالة وشاهدت هذه الصورة تأكد أن الله سوف يسألك يوم القيامة ماذا قدمت لهذه المظلومة
بل ماذا قدمت لآلاف الأمهات والأطفال في غزة
لا تقل لاستطيع أن أعمل بل تستطيع
تستطيع الدعاء وهذا أعظم عمل
وتستطيع نشر قضيتهم
فهل تبخل على هذا الطفل وهذه الأم ؟؟؟ 
عجــــــزنا عن نصــركمـ فلن نعجـــز عن الدعـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــاء   Translation:

Have mercy her Allah and calms her spacious his paradises ['ahnaak] [maayubky] more than the theoretician raved? And Allah!
 O God weakened brothers in Gaza christianize our, O God indeed you you [aalnaaSr] the helper at the time to helps in him and bright, O God christianizes them and aids them  
O God their dead have mercy, and their patient recovers, and their aloe, mentioned be about to counted them in himself. [yaamjyb] prayer of the reasons.  
O God on you [baalShaaynt] proud, so indeed them [laaye'jzwnk]
and Allah from [tdme'] assigns him [wyrq] turning his and tongue in the prayer stirs his consequently the theoretician transient turning his dead and his feeling is adapted so to reviews himself
[yaa] from this letter read and [shaahd] this image is confirming that Allah will asks you Judgment Day what presented for this oppressed
yet what the thousand mothers and the children in Gaza
presented for does not decrease to could to does yet can
the prayer can and this bones did
and spreading can accomplished them
so Hill be stingy hereunto the child and this mother?؟؟ 
Failure our about your victory so the prayer does not be unable about

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