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This next investigation was the biggest investigation that I have ever done and it was this investigation that blew the lid off the Elite's agenda's to a point that it had literally stopped them in their tracks.  This was the biggest story that I have ever unmasked that went extremely viral.   It was so big that it even woke up CNN and all the main stream media from all over the world that they had to televise my information that I had found and posted before anyone had ever known about this story on the internet about 6 Airman's that came forward and blown the whistle against the Air Force for illegally transporting 6 live warheads that was attached to the wings of a B-52 Bomber that had left Minot Air Force Base North Dakota
to Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport Louisiana.  The B-52 Bomber had been  flying for over 39 hrs. undetected by anyone!  This was declared and announced as "Broken Arrows".  This story was so big that it literally put the Department of Defense (DOD"S), in a position that they had no other choice but to respond to the news and explain why these nukes where flying in US airspace without proper authority and clearance and without signing off for the WMD's to be transported for over 3 hrs.!

During the time when everyone was trying to get over the bridge collapsing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States Government was preparing for the largest terror drill in US history that the Officials called: 'TOP OFF 4'. 
Do you all remember when I had mentioned that the US Government reported: That they where going to move 1000 government agencies out of the DC area to get out of the fall out zone, from a "Possible Nuclear Attack"? 
If not, here is that report once again.  What I'm about to share with you alll will blow all of your minds after you see the next report.  So, first look at this report and then read the information right below this site.....
In RENO, Nevada, Aug. 28, 2007 President George W. Bush told a receptive audience of veterans on Tuesday that an American withdrawal from Iraq would unsettle the entire Middle East, that could create a haven for Al Qaeda and embolden a belligerent Iran.  He said Teheran's nuclear programs threatened to put the region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust.  This was reported on the New York times.
This warning came just the day before this next story, that you are going to read about.  So, please read this next story very carefully!

On August 29, 2007, a very serious incident had  occurred in the United States that no one, not even the media was aware of. It was the most scariest moment in American history that had occurred.
It was on this day of August 29, 2007, a day where everything seemed so normal to everyone in the US, in spite of the wars that was going in Afghanistan and in Iraq.
While the US Citizens were trying to get over the shock of the deaths of the 13 citizens, that died during the Bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota  as well as other tragedies that where occurring across the US.
Just when everyone in the world had gone back to sleep and relaxed back into their comfort zones.
Another Breaking News: hits the Air Waves, stating, that a B-52 Bomber was loaded with 6 armed live Nuclear warheads attached to the wings of a B-52 Bomber plane, that had been flying over the US airspace for over 31/2 hours undetected.
This would not have been known if it was not for the 6 Airmen's that blew whistle about these crimes that was being committed by the Highest levels of out military commanding officers. This was a clear Violation of the Code of Ethics laws of the US Military Rules of conduct, that states clearly, that any unauthorized transportations of any weapons without proper security clearance is strictly prohibited and is possible grounds for Court Marshall as well as a relieve of duty. 
This B-52 bomber was flying over US Airspace without proper authorization and clearance. To Transport such weapons required a signature from a highly certified Officer who has had proper training and clearance that would have to sign off a tracking form of responsibility that had to also be signed by The base Commander in charged of Arms, Sargent of Arms,  and the Commander in Charge over  the Department of Defense (DOD's).
If it was not for these 6 Airmen's that came forward from both Minot AFB in North Dakota and Barksdale AFB Shreveport, Louisiana, I believe that America would have been under a Mushroom cloud and Bush would have blame Iran for the attack!
I believe that George W, Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld ordered those Nukes to be dropped on America so, they could enter the war with Iran!
"The B-52 Bomber left out of Minot AFB, ND and flew for over US for 3hrs, without being detected by any radar or knowledge is hard for me to believe".  The B-52 Bomber had landed at Barksdale AFB ,Shreveport, LA, after the six men had leaked the information.   I find this story as being very disturbing and beyond belief. 
According to the DOD's in Washington DC, no one knew about the incident and they claimed that this was a grave mistake and that this should have never happened.  I know that they where trying to spin the story when they got caught red handed. 
"I really find it hard to believe that they had no idea that this event was happening was because,
#1.  The Government never make these kind of mistakes, especially with the most deadliest weapons on the face of this planet so, already we know that statement from the DOD's was a lie, the moment it was claimed!
 #2. Reason, why I know the government has lied, is because, you remember the six men that leak the information out to the media well, all six of them where found murdered.
 #3. Reason, why we know the Government lied about this whole story, was because, you all remember I told you all that 1000 agencies moved out of DC area to get out of the Nuclear explosion and the fall out zone in case of a nuclear attack?  Do you all remember all of the warnings From George W. Bush and his cabinet members  when they kept saying saying, that Iran and N. Koreans, posted major threats against the United States and that they wanted too attack US  with a nuclear weapon? 
Now when you put all of these warnings all together and you put the B-52 Bomber that had nuclear weapons loaded on the wings of that B-52 Bomber illegally. Then you will find out that it wasn't Iranians or the Koreans that  was transporting nuclear weapons around the country, or any other country in the world. The only real threat that was given, was by US government.
Now while these nuclear weapons where being transported around United States air space the US government was preparing for the TOP OFF 4 Exercise drills in the US across the whole nation. Which was completely against the law. This clearly violated the Posse Comitatus law. Posse Comitatus was a law that was set up to safeguard the citizens from ever having military to train on the citizens of the US or to train in the urban cities with gorilla warfare tactics inside of United States. Well during the nuclear scare of this B-52 bomber, that was being loaded with nuclear weapons, another shocking story started pouring out all over the media, that the 6 men that had exposed the weapons being loaded onto that B-52 bomber started showing up all over the country in a lot of the local news reports,  that all 6 men died by failure to negotiate a curb. Five of the men were stationed on Minot AFB base at the time and the 6th one was stationed at Barksdale AFB base, now this accident of this guy at Barksdale didn't only include him it also killed his wife. Here is the report to this whole story, so that you the reader of this site can't argue with anyone but yourselves, if this is true or not....
This next link is about the 6 men that got killed. http://www.airforcetimes.com/news/2008/04/ap_scott_standoff_042108/
Now you can read everything about these men that died and the whole Nuclear story on this link below:
https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4GGLL_en&q=6+men+stationed+at+Minot+afb+and+barksdale+afb+that+in+2007 &btnG=Search 
This document is the proof that these 'Terror Drills' was being conducted all at the same time as the Nuclear Weapons that where flown over US, and also at the same time the 6 men that where reported dead. This document is called Top Off 4: http://www.dhs.gov/xprepresp/training/gc_1179430526487.shtm
Now this is not all that happened during this time. On September 7, 2007 plutonium was being transported across the nation from Seattle, Washington to California, Arizona, New Mexico, and to South Carolina illegally in the middle of the night at 2:00 AM, without clearing the highway and the residential area or even giving any kind of warning that they were transporting this High Grade Plutonium across country. You can get this report here. It was also reported on the Department of Energy ( DOE ) and Los Alamos website: http://www.lanl.gov/news/index.php/fuseaction/nb.story/story_id/11376/nb_date/%202007-09-07
Also on September 7, 2007, Gen. Michael V. Hayden, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),  Hayden, at CFR, Says Media Should Leave CIA Oversight to Congress, also at this meeting warned of terror attacks in the form of a mushroom cloud. Now this warning came after the B-52 Bomber incident on August 29, 2007 which was clearly a Damage Control. http://www.cfr.org/publication/14159/hayden_at_cfr_says_media_should_leave_cia _oversight_to_congress.html?breadcrumb=%2Fregion%2Fpublication_list%3Fgroupby%3D2%26id%3D305%26filter%3D16
September 10, 2007, Micheal Chertoff gave another warning that the United States was preparing for a nuclear attack that might come in the form of a mushroom cloud.
Now after this story  the United States Government started the TOP OFF 4 EXERCISE on October 9, 2007. but you must understand that this exercise was suppose to take place before Gen. Michael V. Hayden, director (CIA), Gave his warning. It was suppose to take place exactly during the time of the B-52 bomber was loaded with 6 nuclear weapons. If you look at the beginning of this story about the B-52 Bomber loaded with 6 nuclear weapons, above on this page you will notice just up above where the story starts, you will notice that George W. Bush gave a warning that we might have an attack in the form of a mushroom cloud on August 28, 2007, Just the day before the B-52 Bomber was loaded on the wings the 6 nuclear weapons. I'll  post that warning again here:
RENO, Nev., Aug. 28 ? President Bush told a receptive audience of veterans on Tuesday that an American withdrawal from Iraq would unsettle the entire Middle East, create a haven for Al Qaeda and embolden a belligerent Iran. He said Teheran?s nuclear programs threatened to put ?a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust."
Now, President. George W. Bush gave the warning, that the US may come under attack with a nuclear attack, that we are being threatened " By The Iranian Government". then the B-52 Bomber with the 6 nukes was in the US Air Space the very next day after the warning on August 29, 2007. No one was aware of the B-52 bomber was up in the air with live nuclear warheads and attached to the wings, flying for over 3 hrs. undetected. After the Bomber was discovered, Gen. Michael V. Hayden, director (CIA), was not aware that the B-52 bomber had been discovered and he comes out in a conference meeting at the Council of Foreign Relations Committee, (CFR) warning that US might be attacked in a form of a mushroom cloud on September 7, 2007. "But the only country that was Moving Nuclear Weapons in the air at this time, was only United States Government and not the Iranian Government or any other Government for that matter. So what this warning became was, "Damage Control as an alibi". The DOD's said that the B-52 bomber loaded with nuclear weapons was a mistake. But you all know, something else very sinister was unfolding here, because they were getting ready to make war with Iran and they got caught and they were going to attack a city in the United States and blame it on Iran, Now in order for them to pull this off they had to create a fore warning to make it look like we were eminently being threatened by Iran, then ground all the US Fighter Jets and claim that they needed to be inspected, so it would appear to the citizens of US, that the Iranians took advantage of that moment and decided to attack while the Americans didn't have any air defenses up, Knowing that they were on the ground. Which is exactly what George W. Bush did. Take a look at this next link:
Now notice the date of these two links that I posted then you will see it came out exactly when Micheal Chertoff gave his warning that US was preparing for a nuclear attack. Now remember Michael V. Hayden or Micheal Chertoff were not aware that the B-52 Bomber has been exposed of having the nuclear weapons on board at the time. You see Micheal Chertoff was a secondary alibi, so that it would be easier to sale to the courts the alibi if George Bush and all those in his Administration or anyone else who were to be involved were to ever be supeanaed to an inquiry hearing.
Now, while all these things were happening in the United States, Russia was intercepted flying over the air space on: Last Updated: Thursday, 6 September 2007, 16:03 GMT 17:03 UK : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6981541.stm
Also in Finnish air space with Russian fighter jets that was intercepted there as well: Updated 9/14/2007 1:55 PM:                       http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2007-09-14-nato-russia_N.htm
Headline News:
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 by Staff Writer
Media confirms Israel attacked Syria
Israeli and international media outlets confirmed this week that Israeli warplanes infiltrated deep into Syria last week and either bombed military targets or gathered intelligence.
Bush Mum On Reports Israel Attacked Syria: President Refuses Comment On Accusations That Israel Bombed Alleged Nuclear Facility http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/09/20/politics/main3281040.shtml
Keep In all of your minds that all of these events that I listed from above all happened from: August 1, 2007 to October 9, 2007. From the bridge collapsing,  B-52 bomber loaded with Six nuclear weapons, the before and after warnings of a terror attack by George w. Bush, Micheal Chertoff and Micheal Hayden before and after the Nuclear Weapons where loaded on the B-52 Bomber, Plutonium being transported illegally across the US, Military being deployed across the US preparing for the largest terror drill exercises in the United States called: Top Off 4 Exercise, Eight Russian Bombers and fighter Jets where intercepted over the airspace in Finnland and Nato airspace, and then Syria came under attack by Israel Military on what they claimed was a nuclear facility plant.
Now, here is where everyone in this God forsaken desolate world, must really think for themseleves. from the bridge collapsing to the attacks against the Syrian people was all staged by, United States and the Israeli Government, as well as the Secret Societies. The bridge collapse was planned so Bush could close the bridge, so that no one would be allowed access to enter Canada and to keep Canadians from entering in the United States. Interstate 35w is a corridor highway that was intended to be used only by the Government of US and United Nations secret military, so that foreign  troops could enter into the country. Bush collapsed that bridge, so that they could re-design the bridge and make that area into a check point.
So there would be a clear road to bring for international troops into the US. So that they would not be revealed. And the largest terror drill that was being conducted in the US at the same time the bridge collapsed, and the B-52 Bomber that was discovered flying over US airspace for over 3 hrs, was all planned! The Fore warning that we may be attacked By Iran, was all staged as an alibi, for damage control purposes. The reason why the B-52 bomber was loaded with nuclear weapons was because, George W. Bush was going to attack Washington DC with a nuclear weapon and then blame it on Iran for the attack . So that he could get his just war with Iran.
That was the reason why he Grounded all the fighter jets. So that he could tell the citizens, that Iran heard through the media, that Bush ordered the grounding of the air defense and then, Iran would take advantage of the news that they heard and attack us. So the people would give their support for an invasion into Iran. That was the reason why the media announced on the television at the same time the B-52 bomber loaded with live nukes was up in the air, And the plutonium was to be set off, all at the same time, in several major cities across the country, from Seattle Washington, to S.C. Also that was the reason why Micheal Chertoff and Micheal Hayden gave their warnings all at the same time because, it was the secondary alibi, in case Bush would be supeanaed. The Nuclear attempted attack in the US with that B-52 bomber and the Israeli attacks in Syria, was all suppose to happen at the same time that was the reason why the Russian Bombers Fighter Jets were in the airspace of Finnland and Nato. Because they knew American Government was going to make war with Iran and the TOP OFF 4  Excercise, was no Excercise, IT was Synchronization ! To Put everyone Under Martial law Over a False Flag Pretext that was designed By the United States Government And Israel Government, All of the Secret Societies!!!  Now that I opened your Eyes to the real truth of that bridge collapse, B-52 Bomber loaded with nukes, and Syrian Attacks etc. Now turn to The True Enemy Part 3. there you will see absolute Proof that G.W. BUSH was not only a dictator but also you will see More Laws that he Passed that gave himself or any other President Ultimate authority over everyone as a dictator and Much more. Stay Tuned.......

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