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Homeland Security Grant Program (2007)


This Bill was approved January 5, 2007. It was about receiving a grant program for DEPT. of Homeland Security to purchase whatever tools that they needed necessary to build up all of the 'New Securities and agenda's' that DHS needed to implement in every state in the nation.  The Grant was to cover for whatever Homeland Security needed the money for.

Note: This is a very important part that was transpiring behind the scenes that the American people where not aware of that was being planned out against them!  Pay very close attention as to what I am about to show you next!

You see, when the government was wanting to receive the grant for was so that they could start implementing these "New Securities and Laws" inside of United States.  This was to make it possible to start justifying the targeting of American Citizens as being the terrorist. I will show you how it was planned and carried out as you will see next.

The Department of Homeland Security has designed five categories of interest that was needed to be covered with this grant.  In order to implement these new securities in United States.

Note: Pay very very close attention to this part, because you will see how they violated all of the Constitutional Laws and threatened all Americans with this agenda!

As, I had said in the above paragraph, I mentioned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had drawn up 5 Categories of major interest that they thought would guarantee the approval for the grant to build up the Security Infrastructures in the US:

The mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is to enhance the ability of State, local and tribal governments to prepare, prevent, and respond to (Terrorist attacks and Other Disasters).

Note: (Terrorist attacks and Other Disasters).  This Statement became the most crucial statement used by Former George W. Bush's Administration through out his entire reign as the President of Terror, because that is exactly what was being played out in this document that you are reading about here. One more very important note to know before you read on:

Note: The part were it was stated (And Other Disasters) as you will see in this document there were 2 tiers sections of all the cities in United States that was considered the largest populated areas that were considered to pose as the highest threats to Terrorism

This is were the DHS together with FEMA designed the perfect storm called: "False Flag Pretext"by hiring actors to work for FEMA and the DHS. By hiring actors from an organization that was called: Crisis Actors.  You can go on their website here ( www.crisisactors.org ), it will take you to a wayback archive search page.  I was fortunate to have the ability their web page link in the way back search machine archives,  because the original site no longer works, if you simply type the link straight into your search engine you will get a 404 error.  It hasn't worked since I busted them and exposed them for lying to the American people and for deceiving us all!

You all can now find them at this new link provided that they have not closed it down. They are now calling themselves:  "Crisis Cast", here is their link: ( www.crisiscast.com ) they are basically the same organization that does the same things as the Crisis Actors were they conduct Hyper Realistic Training exercises then go live with their train abilities as a way to persuade the American People and Legislators to pass all the Laws that you see on this website.

All the cities that you see in this grant Document are all the cities that has had major events that has went nationwide and worldwide of many false flags ranging from, shooting in Universities and Elementary, High Schools, Malls, Theaters, and Night Clubs etc. 

The Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) is a primary funding mechanism for building and sustaining national preparedness capabilities.

HSGP is comprised of five separate grant programs:

? Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI)

? State Homeland Security Program (SHSP)

? Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP)

? Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS)

? Citizen Corps Program (CCP)

Now, If you all click on the document above, and turn to Page 10, Note: This section here is to remind you as to what this doc is in-telling so you do not loose focus as to what it is about.  Here you will see ever city in the US, that was drawn up by, Homeland Security, to implement new securities into place for what is to be, "Martial Law in the United States". These US cities was broken up into two tiers that was the most populated areas of United States, that would poss the most biggest threat of terrorism, as a way to justify the US Governments move to control their citizens.

Note: These security changes, was not because there was a eminent threat of terrorism, but it was to give the US Government the justification to have ultimate authority over their citizens.  It was Not put there as a way to protect the citizens, but to have total control of the people.  It was a bill to give justification to put into place a "Police State to America" , by using terrorism as an excuse to bring a total police state control.

"Terrorism Campaign", was created as a "False Flag Pretext", created by the "Secret Elite" from around the world, so, that it would bring a massive separation and division of all the citizens of each nation that would oppose the 'Secret Elite's' agenda's.

These are the Tier 1 and Budget category:

FY 2007 Tier:1 6 Urban Areas, $410,795,000 allocated (55% of total).  Both, Tiers 1&2 Where the group of cities that where to receive new securities.  Now in order for the government to be able to pull this off and get away with violating the Constitution is,  they had to create many false flag pretext's, which was exactly what they done.  In every city that are posted in this document had many different events happen in them, to justify military presents in them. The false flags ranged from: Fire's to bridge collapsing, and to natural disasters, to shooting across United States, etc.

Note: It is very crucial that you all Remember this Part, because after this point you will see how every document from this point on confirms everything that I mentioned about this subject!

 Washington Post printed in their news paper, that 1,000 Government Agencies were ordered to move out of the DC area, to get out of a possible Nuclear Explosion and out of the fall out zone. Here is my problem, Why would they take the extra measures to protect themselves before they would protect their citizens first? This was the first warning that something was going to happen in Washington DC.  This report came out on July 28, 2006 and then came out again on December 26, 2006. Here is the copy of that report:


Now you have to ask yourselves, Was this a false flag or was it warning that we were going to be attacked by a Nuclear weapon? Either way you look at this story, this story was still enough to make us all feel like we where being threatened by some type of a horrific act none the less.  Then NORAD Posted on their website, admitting that they were conducting several drills in the City of Washington DC, which was clearly a Violation of the Posse Comitatus Act:


These drills started building up more and more after 9/11/2001 happened.  It was becoming to be very normal thing to see troops training in the cities around the US.  The drills where so common, that the people never questioned the reasons as to why the military was preforming these drills.  The reason why the people  never asked was because, they didn't know that the laws where being broken, because they have been conditioned to view these actions as being a normal process. 

Most of the American people thought that the drills was to protect them.  Mainly, because their government was telling them it was for their own protection against terrorist.  Of course, the citizens did not even realize that it was their own government that was terrorizing them to a point to were they would even sale their freedoms just to feel a little secured.  The American people have been sold the biggest lie. 

These drills became so normal, that the US Government decided to include foreign troops in the drills, because the people aren't contesting against our acts so, lets include foreign troops in our drills.  The people would never suspect that it was their own Government that killed those people on 9/11, "So, we can get away with anything now from this point"

The United States Government conducting mocked terror drills after 9/11 attacks, called: TOP OFF Exercises and FA PANAMAX 2007-08.  These drills included foreign troops from twenty nations from around the world including Russia. as you can read in the documents below;






Now, you can all see much more about this subject, and everything that our own Government has been up to since 9/11 that the public was never aware of.  All this information was kept a secret away from everyone. You can view everything that the US Military has been involved in.  It is all posted on this link below.  It is called:

Policy in the Twenty first Century: https://web.archive.org/web/20090906012417/http://www.defenselink.mil/policy/sections/policy%5Foffices/hd/publicAffairs/index.html

You all must remember that all these drills were violating the Laws! 

They where completely violating the Posse Comitatus Act and the Heabus Corpus.  These drills were not being preformed to just simply beef up the military's capabilities to respond to a crises.  It was a an action taken to occupy all citizens that would oppose the actions of the President

The United States Government was synchronizing on the population and positioning their troops, as well as foreign troops in our urban cities and preparing for a massive civil unrest so, that the military would be able to have full control of the people with no lost time spent, if their was to ever be an event that would bring a great catastrophic down poor, ranging from a natural disaster to an actual attack

In other words, "George W. Bush was preparing for, Martial Law inside of the United States"!  Now at this Point, I was wondering why the military was being built up around our urban cities, when there was no immanent threat that was being posed against the US at the time of all of these exercises except for when Pres. G.W. Bush was trying to pump up our butts that Iran was threatening to attack us in the form of a "Mushroom Cloud", which turned out to be a major false claims!  I started realizing, that the US Government was trying to form the North American Union:


Now, I've always knew that United Nations was corrupt and was trying to bring the world into a one world system after Europe became unified, forming what is known today as the European Union.  But, I did not know that they where going to stage a False Flag Pretext, and carry out the 9/11 attacks on the US citizen, in order to bring the unification together.  Now, I do know that they are capable of murdering innocent people, to get what they wanted, which I confirmed especially after I found this next document, called: AGENDA 21: as you can read in the link below:


This document was based on drafting 21 agenda's to eradicate the population so, that the global elite did not have to have the responsibility of curing the worlds health and food problems.  The "Elite", believed the best way to rid of the disease was to eradicate the poor and the middle class people in this society!  Instead of giving the less fortunate an equal opportunity as the rich have, its was easier to just simply eliminate the people!  You all must have a clear understanding on one major point to this corruption, is that all the poor and less fortunate people in this world where poor and less fortunate by design. 

The cost of living, minimum wage, and food pricing was all staged on purpose, as a way to justify the elimination and the eradication of the poor and less fortunate completely.  The word "Eradicate", means to remove permanently by exterminating completely.  The global elite knew that they had created a massive problem and they knew the only way to fix this problem, before anyone would realize that it was all on purpose, was to kill off the population before they became aware of their corruptions.  They where also, attempting to destroy as much of the evidence as they could so, that no one would ever use the evidence against them. Even if it meant eliminating innocent civilians.

If the poor and middle class people where ever to know that the death of so many of their people was all staged, the people would then have the ability to stop these evil people in their tracks.  The global elite did not want to risk losing an opportunity of succeeding in making the "One World Government" by getting exposed, so they decided to kill us all to keep themselves from getting exposed.


It was on August 1, 2007, "Breaking News" came on TV saying that a Bridge had Collapsed in the State of Minnesota in the Twin City of Minneapolis on the Interstate 35W over the Mississippi River.

The sentences that are Highlighted and marked with (*) are the most crucial points to this story so pay very close attention to the sentences that are marked.

*  When this story broke out on the CNN news, the reporter stated, that they received a video from a man who refused to be identified, because he was not authorized to say who he was. 

It was from this point, that I knew something very corrupt was going on here, because

*  The media and officials had claimed, that this bridge had collapsed due to 'structural failure'.

*  Now, if it was just simply due to "Structural Failure", ( Then why did the man that released the first video to CNN refuse to be identified when the reporter asked him for his name )? 

I have now confirmed my suspicions from this point on.  I now can say that a cover-up was happening 100% from this moment on.  I'll show you how.....

It all started with my suspicions that drove me into wanting to find out more about this story.  So, my first thought that came to mind, was to direct my investigations by first establishing all of the reports as I could that was pertaining to this subject.  So, I started searching the internet to see if there was any other media reports that might be airing online about this same story.  I did this, because I had a suspicion that was merely based around this video itself.  I wanted to see if I could find another media outlet that might be showing the same video, because I wanted to compare the CNN version to other versions, because I felt in my heart that the video itself was edited.  It was a wild shot but, I did hit the major jackpot! 

That is when, I found out that MSNBC also, had the same video as CNN.  I believe that whosoever views the contents of this story will be in shock when they see the evidence behind this bridge collapse.  You will also, find out who truly and deliberately collapsed the bridge!

I will first explain the details from all of the media reports, then I will show you all, the footage to back up all the information that I describe to you all. 

* I knew exactly right here that another news agency (MSNBC), had played the same video tape that CNN had played and you could clearly see that CNN had clearly edited the tape! 

* They had edited the tape that was released to them, by removing the Identifier header that was on the top part of the video tape". 

* I confirmed this by the MSNBC version, that was not edited.  On this tape the Identifier revealed who the tape belong too and who had recorded it.

* The name that was on the MSNBC copy was written as: 'UNITED STATES ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS'.

* Now, that explains why CNN had removed the name off the tape and refused to give the name of the person that released the tape to CNN,  because he worked for the Army Corp of Engineers.  So, we know now why he didn't want to be Identified and that was because, he could not afford to be exposed, because he was there before the bridge had collapsed which meant that he had established foreknowledge before the fact.

* He was also, there filming the bridge collapsingNow we know If his name got out that he worked for (USACE), then this would have opened up a can of warms.  The public would have been enraged if they  where to ever find out that their own government was behind the bridge collapsing that killed 13 people and released the video, and filmed the bridge as it was collapsing. 

* That was the reason why the man refused to be identified.  Now, I can say this was a crime that was being covered-up.  Of course, some of you will say, well that isn't enough evidence so, here is the second evidence that also, proves that the government did attempt to cover-up their crimes!

*  Homeland Security came out 10 minutes after the bridge collapsed claiming, that the bridge was not collapsed by terrorist.  Now, here you have to stop..... think.... Now, in order for Homeland Security to make such a claim, that would meant that they have obtained foreknowledge before the fact as well.  Right?  Why do I say this?...

*  First of all, Homeland Security made these claims before there was ever an investigation being conducted by saying: that it was not done by terrorist.  So Istarted started a list of questions that where very simple such as:

*  Question 1.  How could Homeland Security make these claims, if there was no investigations launched until seven days later? 

*  Question 2.  Do you think that this means that "Homeland Security had Foreknowledge"?

*  Question 3.  If they had established foreknowledge before the fact, then why didn't they warn the people before that bridge had collapsed to take a different route? 

*  Question 4.  Now, it was also, on the news, that the engineers knew that the bridge was in dire need of repairs.  So, if they knew that this bridge was in major need of repairs, then why was the bridge kept open?

*  Question 5. Why didn't they close the bridge down until they have made their repairs? 

The investigations of the bridge was launched seven days after the bridge collapsed and it was launched by the US Navy Dive Team. That's right!  The US Navy Dive Team, had launched the first in History a underwater crime lab. 

*  My investigations was now getting very interesting here.  Now remember, If this bridge was not collapsed by terrorist according to Homeland Security, then that would mean that this bridge collapsing was a local matter and not a Federal matter.  This had again forced me to draw up another list of questions;

*  Question 6.  So, then why was the US Navy launching the investigations instead of local authorities? 

*  Question 7.  Why was the Navy launching the investigations under the water?

The only way to answer this question, was to suggest that the evidence was being removed from the crime seen!  I believe that the US Government did not want the public to see what evidence was being removed!

They did not want the public to find out that they where being lied too!  That was the main reason why the US Government took over the investigations, it was to make sure that the public would never get the truth as to what really happened!

Lets not forget that the bridge that collapsed attracted every Government Agencies from around the Nation.  From the Homeland Security, US Navy,  Secret Service, FBI USACE, and FEMA's First Responders, etc.  Oh yes, did I mention Fema First Responder

There was a First Responder by the name of Officer Nelson, who spoke to CNN, saying, that he could hear Rivets popping and could feel the Bridge swaying, 10 minutes after the bridge collapsed.

*  According to the 911 callers; stated there was no First Responder there even after 15 minutes.  Which also, proves, that in order for Officer Nelson to hear Rivets Popping and to feel the bridge swaying, would mean, that he was on that bridge, before it had collapsed, because there was no other way, that Officer Nelson could have possibly hear anything after 15 minutes!

*  So, if he was on that bridge before it had collapsed, that would mean that I have just now identified a 3rd Government agent on that bridge before the bridge collapsed. 

1.  Army Corp of Engineer,

2.  Homeland Security

3.  Fema First Responders, Officer Nelson.

Now, here is where everyone must do their math.  The Bridge was 65 ft. in the air, with over a 100 ft. span, weighing over 20,000 tons, over a river.  The bridge had collapsed on all 4 sides at the same time, falling in a straight vertical fall into the river and unto a portions of asphalt road that was beneath the bridge.  The weight alone When this bridge fell, would have embedded itself into the ground so deep that no one would have been able to hear; Rivets popping or feel the bridge swaying unless they where on that bridge with in seconds before the bridge had collapsed !  

*  Now, you all can see why I can now say this was a major crime that was being committed by the US Government, because every last one of these Agencies that I listed where all there before the bridge collapsed.  Army Corp of Engineer was the one who filmed the footage and released it to CNN, and Homeland Security, claimed 10 minutes after the bridge collapsed saying that the bridge was not dome by terrorist, before there was ever an investigation, and then the Fema First responder claiming that he could hear Rivets Popping and that he can feel the bridge swaying 10 minutes after the bridge collapsed, which was impossible, because of the 911 callers, proves otherwise, because they claim there was no First Responders there or any other emergency officials there even after 15 minutes after the bridge had collapsed. 

*  All the listing above that I showed you all proves that our Government Officials and the main stream media lied to the public and covered-up there involvements and had obstructed justice and had killed innocent people again.  It also, proves that our Government also, had foreknowledge before the fact and after the fact before there was ever an investigation and to lie and cover-up their crimes was a disgraceful act of cowardliness!  They done it! Bottom line!

But, that is not all, because I found another public official at the seen of the crime!

*  Now, after I had discovered all of this, a second video was released; showing from a highway camera view on Interstate 35W, but interestingly this camera so happened to be facing in the opposite direction at the exact time of the bridge collapsing, then 30 seconds after the bridge had collapsed the camera then conveniently turns back towards the direction of where the bridge had collapsed.  

*  This camera was intentional turned in the opposite direction of the collapsing bridge so, that the collapse would not be caught on tape and recorded during the event.  This was very crucial evidence of a deliberate attempt to cover-up the crime and it also, established a premeditated act as well!

*  I have now, proven that a 4th Public Official again, was on the seen of that bridge that was collapsing.  The camera man controller was there to make sure that the camera was facing the opposite direction.  This  now means, that we now have four Government Agencies on the bridge before it collapsed which now means, that they did not only know that the bridge was going to collapse, they had planned for the bridge to collapse.

This all has now become a "Premeditated crime of conspiracy to commit murder, Conspiracy to organize plans in carrying cataclysmic events then purposely deceive the public, Conspiracy to obstruct Justices and cover-up the involvements of High Level branches of our government"! 

Now, you all will see the information and evidence on this video that I made and put together for you all.  To prove to you all that the official reports of the whole event that took place on this sad sad day: of August 1, 2007 was all a lie!  Now your proof.... 

Note: The first seen on the video after you start the player, you will see The original video taken from MSNBC. Then after that you will see the CNN report: proving that it was all covered-up and edited, and a whole lot more please enjoy...

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